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Thanks for considering In My Words for a product review/giveaway! I love being able to share different things with my readers.

My family and I are willing to try a number of different products or services, especially in the following categories:

  • health & beauty items (especially organic)
  • kitchen products
  • PC games, xBox, Switch games
  • clothing & accessories
  • crafty items
  • planner goodies
  • home products

things of note

  • I don’t charge for reviews.
  • I will only review a full-size or complete item, shipped to my home address.
  • I will use the product/service for the previously agreed upon time frame prior to the review.
  • I also require a digital image of the product/service for blogging/social media use, as well as any info about your product/service/company you would like included.
  • I am always 100% honest with my opinion, and I will not change my review from that honest opinion. But I will contact you before posting a bad review.
  • While not a necessity, I would prefer to coordinate reviews with giveaways of the product, although I reserve the right to not run a giveaway due to a negative opinion.
  • I use Rafflecopter for giveaways and to select winners. I will also advertise giveaways on my social media.

These are just basic guidelines/requirements. Feel free to contact me with your own guidelines/requirements.

Thank you,

Please contact me via the email in the welcome section of my sidebar.

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