2.24.2009 | Tuesday

Ginny & Her Baubles

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I recently reconnected with my friend Ginny from high school through Facebook and have now become a devoted stalker of her blog, Luna’s Baublebilities.  Her blog is devoted to her crafty endeavors, namely beadwork.  Her jewelry is beyond amazing and I love reading about her pieces and how she creates them.  She has an amazing eye for color and design and I love seeing her photos of her works in progress as she creates the pieces.  She is currently working on a piece for a wedding set and it is a really interesting piece.  It is necklace, done asymetrically and I love the look and the colors she chose for it.  She sells a lot of her pieces on Etsy in a shop of the same name HERE.  I am completely jonesing for the Oread bracelet, which I think is simply gorgeous!  I bought a pair of earrings this morning, called Hot Pink Go-Go earrings, and I can’t wait to get them!  She also has a beading supply store on Etsy, Goblin’s Market, which has a TON of great things!  Go check her stuff out; it is beautiful!

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2 responses to “Ginny & Her Baubles

  1. Gosh – you make me sound so cool! You an totally learn how to make the Oread bracelet yourself. Beadweaving is great therapy for stressed out moms. I’ll see if I can’t find instructions to send to you. :)
    Love ya!


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