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Genetic Deficiencies in My Children

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Maybe it is a genetic thing?
There are certain character traits that my boys seem to share and I am becoming more and more certain that these traits are directly related to their genetic makeup.  I have concluded that these traits are either Y-chromosome things or they all suffer from the same genetic deficiency.  True, I have absolutely no scientific background and no proof of my hypothesis, but I still think I am on to something.  It comes from years of up close and personal observation.  It is my belief that the actual problem is a combination of the my two theories.  I think they are suffering from some sort of genetic deficiency, one that is generally found in those carrying the Y-chromosome.  In the interest of full disclosure, my husband doesn’t fully agree with my theories.  He agrees that there is a genetic deficiency, but denies that it is related to the Y-chromosome.  Personally, I think he is just trying to avoid responsibility for passing on the deficiency.  And he also points out, quite legitimately, that he is not baby daddy to them all, so therefore, in his mind, I am the common denominator.  This is true, he isn’t and I am.  But the fact remains, I am not the one suffering from these deficiencies.  Besides, I am not sure how much credibility his theory has, considering that he too suffers from this deficiency!  Besides, his statements don’t prove I am wrong.  I know the other baby daddies and there are genetic deficiencies there, too, furthering my theory that it is related to the Y-chromosome. 

And what are these deficiencies?  One is the lack of common sense.  I sometimes wonder what plane of reality these children exist in, because it clearly isn’t the same one the rest of the world is living in.  Another deficiency is that of hearing.  It is amazing how little they can hear sometimes, and yet other times, hear you perfectly.  A prime example of this is Ka’lani.  Last night, I could not get his attention for anything.  I called and called, and nothing.  So I yelled,… loudly!  Not a single flinch or reaction of any kind.  WTH?!  I said his name, in a normal speaking voice, I said his name.  That he heard.  HUH?!  Weird kid.  The third deficiency is that of memory.  How is that they can be told something and forget it within moments?!  Frequently, I will tell Donovan something, and before he gets to his destination to do whatever it is, he is forgotten what he is supposed to be doing!  Keep in mind, our house is not the Aaron Spelling mansion.  It takes about 10 seconds to get from one end to the other, if that.  Then there is the lack of motivation.  Nothing can irritate me more than asking them to do something, and then finding it half done.  Last night, I asked Ka’lani to take the garbage can and shovel into the garage.  The can got in, the shovel is still sitting there.  Of course, this could be partially the deaf thing, but it happens even when hearing isn’t a part of it.  Like putting away their laundry.  It is given to the folded neatly, each having their own basket.  All the have to do is pick up the stacks and put them in their drawers.  Not really a big deal.  Yet most of the clothes seem to make it to the floor, the chair, the top of the dresser, the floor of the closet, or, even better, under the bed.  GRRR!  Some of these places require more effort than if they just did it right, so I totally don’t get it,… once again leading me to question their common sense!

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One response to “Genetic Deficiencies in My Children

  1. selina

    My daughter suffers from these issues as well…perhaps she is one of those super women with a bit of the Y chromosome in her! My son, however, is pretty good, but I am sure that once puberty nears his defects will become much more apparent.


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