5.20.2009 | Wednesday

Priorities, people!

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Sometimes I just don’t get the things people bitch about.  This morning was a perfect example of it.  My next door neighbor has a new job and she had to be at work at the butt crack of dawn for training.  So she asked me if I could watch her youngest from the time her husband had to leave for work until she got off before lunch, just for 3 hours.  No problem.  They only have one car so I drove her husband over to pick up the car, took the kidlet home with me, and will pick her up when she gets off.  No big deal!  Well, apparently it is.  As we were getting the kid in the truck and her hubby’s plethra of Army gear in the truck, our upstairs neighbors saw us and started interrogating him as to why we had the little guy in the truck when he was going to work and his wife was already at work.  So he told her that I was driving him over to pick up the car and was watching him until his mom got off in a few hours.  She was NOT happy.  Apparently she doesn’t work until 1230 and was all kinds of pissed off because I was watching him instead of her.  WTH?!  His dad tried to tell her he didn’t know what was going on, that he just did what he was told.  So she decided she was going to take it up with her when she got home.  Really?!  Now, why would you even get upset about in the first place, much less get in someone’s face over it?  That is going WAY overboard about it.

The two of them used to be like sisters but the one upstairs really started taking advantage and became completely unreliable.  My neighbor got sick of the situation and of the drama and has been trying to extricate herself as much as possible, NOT an easy feat when you live in as close quarters as we do.  But she needed to go in for training, she knew I would be home, she knew she could count on me, and she knew I wouldn’t mind.  It just seems like there are more important things to worry about other than the fact that your neighbor leaves her kid with someone else.  ARRGGHH!

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