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Can I get a pink strait jacket?!

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Holy Shiznit, Batman!
That was all I had last evening when Ty threw the temper fit to end all temper fits.  He may pop some attitude now and then, but temper fits aren’t usually his style.  He apparently made an exception and, had I not been so thoroughly embarrassed and ticked off, I would have been impressed with the lung capacity and flair for the dramatic that he displayed.  However, because I WAS thoroughly embarrassed and ticked off, I was less than amused or impressed.  I was outside talking to Crystal, my next door neighbor, and Kate and Andy, a couple that just moved into the housing area, when Ty decided he wanted to come outside and play.  Considering it had been pouring outside all day which turned our yard into a swamp AND it was getting dark, I said no and told him to go back inside, which he did,… but not without some serious attitude.  Whatever.  I continued to talk with the three of them and shrieks began to emanate from my living room.  It sounded like a banshee was being tortured in my house.  Lovely.  So, I poked my head in the door and ordered it to stop.  It just went downhill from there.  He tried to come out about a billion times, equal to the number of times I told him no.  And each time the attitude got bigger and the screams louder.  During all this time, Scott was valiantly trying to physically hold him inside which only made the screams increase exponentially.  I finally gave up trying to have an adult conversation and went inside.  He was a freaking mad man who quickly got sent to his room, more for the purpose of saving my own sanity than anything else.  A whole 2 seconds later and he was out, glaring at me in the way that only a disgruntled 5yo can.  So he went back to his room for some more “thinking”, which I know isn’t really happening, but I feel like that is what a responsible mom should tell him to do.  When he finally did come out, he was told he was going to bed early, which is kind of a fruitless thing in reality since he can’t tell time.  And, much to my annoyance, he fell asleep on the couch before I could send him.  Another punishment gone awry.

Do they make strait jackets in pink?
This is a question that I really may need the answer to because I think there is a distinct possibility that I may need one VERY soon!  I think the middle two children are partners and are conspiring to drive me insane.  Admittedly, it is a very short drive as it is, more of a walk around the block.  But my level of sanity is NOT the point.  Ka’lani has become a complete know-it-all, but is smart enough to NOT pull that with me, just his brothers.  He lords over them like he is the end all and be all in the realm of older brothers and I am pretty sure his brothers don’t agree with his self-assessment.  And Scott is suffering from mood swings or SOMETHING!  He will be sweet and funny and cute, and then, just mere moments later, turn into Scott the Butthead.  I keep waiting for his eyes to turn red, his head to spin, and for green pea soup to pour from his mouth.  And then it is over. 

But the attitudes are only part of it.  It is the rest of it that annoys me to no end.  The sheer lack of common sense and the laziness is baffling to me.  Some key points, because I like the order lists give me, since I CAN’T HAVE ORDER WITH BOYS IN THE HOUSE! 

  • Like the inability to move dirty clothes from the floor to the basket. They have to pass
    the basket to leave their room and go anywhere in the house, so how hard is it?!
  • Like the inability to put away their laundry.  They each have their own basket and I fold everything for them, pile it the baskets with like clothes together.  So all they have to do is pick up the pile and place it in the drawer.  I just redid all their drawers last weekend when we changed out winter clothes for summer and already they look like a giant took a crap in them and dug around to hide it. 
  • Like the inability to actually shut the dresser drawer after placing throwing the clothes inside.  Instead all of the drawers are hanging out, about to tip the freaking dresser over.
  • Like the inability to clean up after themselves.  On a daily basis, I am giving the same lectures.  How hard is it to put away toys after you are done with them?  How hard is it to clean up if you spill something? 

ARRGGHHH!  That is all I have!

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4 responses to “Can I get a pink strait jacket?!

  1. We could start a business. I’ll hand dye the fabric. You sew the pretty huggy jackets.

    We can make them in mom sizes and in teenage boy sizes.

    We’ll be rich.

  2. Wow… Switch one boy out for a girl, and I sware you are talking about my house!! Going to take a break from the computer, I feel a migraine coming on…. and its only Friday?! You know there was a time I loved the weekends….

  3. selina

    OMG, its the age thing with Ka’lani, because my step son jsut turne d11 and Brian and I were jsut talkign about when we thought another kid was going to get ticked off enough by Gavin’s know it all attitude and punch him in the face! That will hopefully snap him out of that mode before he reached puberty!

  4. I’m there with you hun. I really think that someone needs to start paying the SAHM’s of the nation because the love of our children just doesn’t cut it sometimes with all the crap we have to go through. Be glad you don’t have girls…Miranda has gotten me so mad that I just want to spit nails. And because we are the only two females in the house it is rather interesting at times! Your in my thoughts sweetie!

    Brightest Blessings & LOTS of hugs!


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