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My cleft palate cutie!

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Road trip!
So Ty and I are taking a little road trip tomorrow!  We are leaving at 0630, so let’s hope Donovan manages to get everyone on the bus at 0700.  They will all be up before we leave, so all should be well!  Ty and I are headed to Syracuse to the Central New York Cleft and Craniofacial Center for a workshop to meet the team of surgeons & doctors that will be handling the next stage in his cleft palate care.  He had his soft palate and his lip repaired in Virginia at the VCU Center for Facial Reconstruction, and next up is his nostril.  It should be a pretty basic, low-key surgery that I truly hope gets scheduled soon!  This will be one of the easiest surgeries he will have in connection to it all, which is a good thing!  He has been so lucky to have the opportunity to go to world-class clinics, thanks to the Army!  It is thoroughly sad, but most civilian insurance plans don’t cover some of the reconstructive surgeries that he has had or will get.  And he has some wonderful surgeons.  My beautiful little man!  So a big HOOAH to the Army for taking care of my little guy!

You can read more about cleft palates and our journey with it here.

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2 responses to “My cleft palate cutie!

  1. That is wonderful!! Drive careful! I can’t wait to hear about the workshop and hope it’s as informational as you expect. That is awesome that the Army is willing to put health care at #1 – too bad “regular” insurance companies aren’t more concerned about their clients health rather than their money.

  2. That is really good! I know when Dokota had his small surgeries, there would have been no way we could have paid for them if not for the military… Same for the husband and all his medical issues. Even now, if it wasn’t for Landstuhl, I doubt my husband would get the care he needs….

    Good luck in the am! And drive carefully!!!!
    ::big hugs to the little man and the mamma!!::


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