9.24.2009 | Thursday

My son, the Super Hero!

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There once was a little-known super hero known as Donovan.  He didn’t wear a cape, but a pair of slightly worn, slightly smell running shoes.  One day, he was running with his posse through the streets of his village for cross-country practice.  As they were running through the side streets, they came upon a car accident, a car flipped onto its roof and smoking!  No one was around and none of the posse had a cell on, nor did any of them have any special super hero communications equipment.  So Super Donovan took charge, immediately sending 2 of his posse to go knocking on doors to find someone to call 911.  2 more of his posse were sent to take over the modified JV runners and finish the run with them.  The rest of the posse, except for Super Donovan and one of the girls, was sent to direct traffic until the police and emergency people arrived.  The girl had seen an ambulance a couple of blocks back on an unrelated call, so she and Super Donovan used their Super Speed and sprinted back.  The ambulance was on a non-priority call so they headed to the scene at Super Donovan’s request.  Soon after, full emergency teams were on the scene and Super Donovan and his posse were released to go back out into the world after a job well done!  WOOT WOOT to the Gouverneur Cross-Country,… with the exception with the group of a few of them that saw it happen and continued to run on, not even stopping.  To them, I give a :X-P: !

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