9.29.2009 | Tuesday

Coiffed, waxed, & plucked!

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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate rain?!  Especially when I have just been to the salon and gotten my hair done?!  Yuck.  I got my roots done this morning, which was beyond needed.  It was getting to the point where the roots were longer than the blonde.  Okay, maybe that is a slight overstatement,…!  I am finally to the point that I no longer need a double process to be adequately blonde!  I guess the lovely brassiness that ensued when I went from red to blonde has finally left!  I am, however, slightly blue until my next shampoo!  Chalaine, my favorite stylist EVER, had to put a drop in to do whatever magic it is supposed to do.  It’s a lovely sort of extremely light lavender blue around my roots, but it will go when I wash it.  I got it cut, too, and I love it.  It is a lot shorter in the back and razor cut all over.  It rocks when it is flat-ironed!  Chalaine also took after me with the wax, which, however much I hate, makes me look so much better!  She does an amazing job with my brows.  Hopefully, my head is now so hot that no one will notice my ass!!  A girl can dream, can’t she?!

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