10.16.2009 | Friday

Telepathy, teenagers, & aging,… oh, my!

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Wife Telepathy delayed?
Soldier Daddy usually has very good Wife Telepathy, but it thoroughly failed him last night.  I got a panicked phone call from him last night, hours after his usual window of communication.  He was absolutely convinced that something was wrong, that I really needed him to call.  Not so.  Not a thing was going on that was out of the ordinary, thankfully.  He had called Wednesday night, when I had needed him to call, but with no niggling feelings whatsoever, which is highly unusual.  So he determined that, as with most things while they are deployed, his Wife Telepathy was delayed in Bagram and was just a day late in getting to him!  Interesting theory, love muffin!

The Mama vs. The Teenager
I am wondering, does a mother ever truly win a battle with a teenager?  I am not really convinced that I do, even when I do get my way in the end.  Because by the time I have “won”, I feel like I have run a marathon, had all of my teeth pulled, was bitch slapped by a large troll, and given a swirly in a dirty toilet.  In other words, completely frustrated and drained.  It is always over such little, stupid stuff, the same things over and over and over again.  It is so frustrating sometimes that I want to pull my hair out,… except that I pay good money to be this blonde, and pulling it out would just be a waste of money!

I fear I may be old.
I think the time has come that I may have to accept the fact that I am aging.  A couple of years ago, I watched an actor being interviewed on The Tonight Show and they were discussing aging and the things that come along with it.  The actor joked that he knew he was getting old when he went to bed in perfectly okay condition and woke up with unexplainable aches and pains.  That is me today.  I was fine when I went to bad and this morning I feel like I went five rounds with the aforementioned troll,… and lost.  It feels like I pulled a muscle on the left side of my back, just under the shoulder blades.  And I have no idea how I could have done that by sleeping!  The lower left part of my back is even worse, sore even to the touch.  And since I don’t engage in any freaky nocturnal activity (my husband IS deployed, after all!), I don’t know why I am in so much pain!  The only comfortable position is sitting, hunched over like I belong in Notre Dame.  Very attractive!

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