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Adventures in Man Land

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Being the married single woman that I am at the moment, all things plumbing fall within my realm of responsibility.  So, Tuesday afternoon, I headed into traditional Man Land to buy a flapper.  No, I was not out buying an escort into role playing girls doing the Charleston.  I needed that little rubber piece in the tank of a toilet that plugs the hole.  Good times.

In my frequent forays into Man Land, I have noticed that there are certain things & rules that are specific to a particular genre of location within Man Land.  For example, in the Man Land location of an auto parts store, there are certain rules of behavior that should be followed.  One of the most important is to be followed when you are there accompanying your male significant other.  And that is that you should never dare to insult your male companion, even in jest, while within those sacred walls.  If you do, you will be glared at and spoken to as if you are a complete loser.  I have noticed this phenomena in several states, so I don’t think it is a regional thing!  I have also learned that when entering the auto parts store alone, you should be prepared to be talked to as if your boobs and ovaries have caused all the blood to leave your head, leaving you deprived of both oxygen AND brains!

However, hardware stores seem to be different.  They are more than willing to help you, but sometimes that help might be slow in coming.  Especially if you have large breasts.  I talked to two different men at the store Tuesday afternoon, and neither of them could lift their heads and clear their minds long enough to listen to what I was asking.  And when they did speak to me, they suddenly developed a stutter.  I considered placing a sign on my boobs listing my needs, but thought that might be trashy.  But it probably would have been more efficient.

My conclusions?  Auto parts store workers hate women, and hardware store workers like them too much.  Good times!

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  1. Soldier Daddy

    The things you write always make me laugh. Almost, depending of course on the subject. If it’s funny, I laugh…if not, I don’t. Funny how that works, eh?

    Love you,


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