12.27.2009 | Sunday

Soldier Daddy returns! ♥

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After only 5 delays, Soldier Daddy is finally home. And what a gigantic cluster &^%$ it was. Not only did he not make home for Christmas Eve, he didn’t make it home for Christmas either. I spent a good portion of Christmas day in a funk, which sucked more than a little! They were supposed to be wheels up from Kyrgysztan at about 0830 Christmas morning, and arrive in NY at around 0200 on the 26th. But the virtual FRG never put that up, which only served to put me in a state of panic!! Then, just after noon, the site changed the time of the ceremony from 0600 to “????”, which means that they have less than no idea. Not a good thing. The 1SG’s wife called me that evening to make sure I knew, and commiserated with me for a few minutes over it, but she didn’t know any more than I did. Good times. The site finally came up for about 15 minutes at about 9:30 that night and the ceremony was back on for 0600. So, 0200 came and Donovan and I headed to Fort Drum, not really sure what the hell was going on. Even with the ceremony supposedly back on, no one seemed to know if they were even in the air. Fabulous! Fortunately, just as we approached the turn to the main gate, Corey texted me and told me they were there! YIPPEE! So to the gym we headed for the too long wait for the ceremony, a VERY long three hours!

But finally, it was over, and we had Soldier Daddy and Jason and they were back on US soil! So, it is official,… now I live with 7 men. Good times!

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