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New Year’s 2010

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Happy New Year!  It is 2010, and I can only hope that this year is better than last!  Having Soldier Daddy home is definately a good start, however!!  ♥  We rang it in with good friends and adult beverages at midnight, after a night of laughter, so much that I was pretty sure that at some point I was going to have a very embarrassing accident!  But, fortunately for my ego, I did NOT pee myself!!

I never make resolutions for the new year, because they always tend to be grandiose and impossible to meet.  So, instead I make goals, big and small.  I believe in learning from the past, but shedding the negativity and starting afresh each year and that is exactly what I had in mind when I made my goals for the year.

  1. Lose weight and take better care of myself, at whatever weight I might be.  (I kind of think this is a standard issue goal for 90% of the women out there, but hey!)
  2. Find a way to get in better touch with my spirituality.  This one has been a goal for a while and I have been failing miserably, mainly because I haven’t paid it the attention it deserves.  But I feel like I need to get grounded in it again.
  3. Let some things go that are serving no purpose other than overwhelming me with negativity.  I have actually made a huge step on this one in one area, and it makes me feel so good!
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