10.20.2010 | Wednesday

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It’s only Wednesday and I am ready for the weekend, which is probably NOT a good sign, huh?!  I blame it mostly upon the juvenile delinquents that live in our neighborhood and a sexist pig in the form of our Slum Lord. 

It all began Thursday afternoon after school.  I was in the back of the apartment and I heard a resounding crash on the living room door.  A quick head count showed that none of my children could be responsible, as they were all in their own bedrooms or bathroom, changing out of school clothes.  So, I raced to the door and opened it, just in time to see a bunch of kids disappearing around the building.  Lovely.  Whatever it had been smashed into the storm door, popping out the upper screen panel and the bottom window panel.  I unbent them and put them back in place, no problem.  The inner door was largely glass, with faux molding, making it look like a paned door.  I was in a hurry so all I noticed at the time was that a bunch of the molding had broken.  It wasn’t until later in the evening that I realized that the molding on both sides of the glass was shattered and the entire big pane of glass was falling out of the frame, with a lovely gap at the bottom, allowing all kinds of cold air to whistle on in.  Fantastic.  So, I called the work order in Friday morning,… and heard nothing.  Corey had Monday off, so I made him call.  Amazing, but they were here within a half hour!  And, of course, the maintenance never even knew that I had called it in days before.  My Slum Lord is a complete ass when it comes to women.  Nothing gets done unless a man calls it in and that is freakin’ ridiculous.  So, they look at it and agree that it is a loss.  But, no doors to be had in Groovy Gouvy, so they had to get one from Watertown, and I didn’t get it until yesterday.  Then it turned out that the opening for the door was not squared and slightly too large for a standard door, so it turned into an all day project.  This is what I had going on most of the day,…

My portal to the cold outdoors!

Just keep in mind,… it wasn’t all that toasty outside!  But, by the end of the day, I had this,…

The finished product!

Delightful!  So that was Drama #1.  Then there is Drama #2,… Corey’s car.  Apparently there was a leak in his fuel line, leading to the tank.  Evey time he filled up, there was leakage.  So he took his car in on Monday to get it fixed, thinking it would be fairly low cost.  So much for thinking.  $565 and 2 days later and the car is fixed.  And that was with a $300+ discount.  I love Monro’s and their military love, but damn!

So that, and a few other little dramas, makes up my week thus far!  BUT it is looking up because Donovan will be home for the weekend!  WOOT!

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