1.26.2011 | Wednesday

WARNING: Bitch Fest Ahead

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I haven’t blogged much lately, mainly because I seem to have a real lack of anything positive to say.  But then I realized that that is exactly why I have  a blog, my own personal therapy to get the vents out.  So that is what I am going to do.

My most recent Facebook status sums it up pretty well:

It is amazing to me how judgemental people can be about certain subjects/people without knowing, or even thinking, about walking a moment in those shoes. Why assume that everything is so black and white? There are a million reasons why a given person may make a choice and none of them are any of your business, so who are you to judge?

And 98% of the time, the person making the judgement has absoutely no clue about their audience’s experiences and whether or not the very thing they are judging so harshly applies to them.  I find that to be horribly disrespectful.  I am all for freedom of speech and opinions, but they are your own.  I don’t think you have the right to dismiss and be disrespectful to those who have differing thoughts.  Express your feelings, your thoughts, your opinions.  Do so publically.  But do it respectfully.  Don’t assume that everyone around you thinks the same way. 

I guess I have reached my limit with the judgements.  I am tired of being ridiculed or preached at because I have my own viewpoints, viewpoints that may be a little more liberal than the masses.  I may not be a Christian, and that’s okay.  I may be pro-choice, and that’s okay.  I may be pro-same sex marriage, and that’s okay.  It doesn’t make me a bad person, a bad mother, or anything else.  It make me ME.  I may have different opinions, but I have good values.  I believe in being true to yourself.  I believe in doing for others.  I believe that choice is a viable option and that no one on this earth has the right to judge that personal a decision.  I believe in a loving family, in any form.  There is a real lack of love among people and I think that love in any form is a beautiful thing. 

And, really, can someone explain to me exactly why someone else’s personal life choices matter so much?  It isn’t your life and you don’t have to live with the choices so why is it any of your business?

Part of living a full life is having an open heart.  And part of having an open heart is having an open mind.

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