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An open letter to the military haters,…

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This is an open letter to those military haters out there that seem to think it is an entertaining sport to kick us when we are potentially down.

Let me make some things perfectly clear.  I love my country, and I love the Army.  I would never give up any part of my life, including this time, for another life.  I joined the Army at 17 years and the majority of my life for the next 23 years has been devoted to the military in one way or another.  I am an extremely proud veteran, having served close to 14 years.  When I got out of the Army in 2003, I didn’t cease my service.  I changed it.  I am an Army wife, and an extremely devoted and proud one.  I didn’t join the Army for the money or the glory.  I joined it because it was something I felt I needed to do.  And it has given me so much in return.

So when things like what just happened to me take place, I get offended.  I was at the grocery store earlier this afternoon, packing my groceries into my SUV.  My post sticker is on the windshield, my blue star flag for my husband on the back, my “United States Army Veteran” sticker proudly across the back.  A couple walked up to me, having seen my obvious military affliation, and proceeded to verbally and physically assault me.  They laughed in my face with glee at the prospect of our pay being withheld.  They called me and my fellow soldiers of this post 9-11 military, past and present, murderers and worthless.  Spitting in my face, they cackled.  They wished my husband dead in combat.  Then the lady hit me and walked away,

What kind of people do that to fellow human beings?  I don’t care at all what your politics are, but there is a difference between supporting your troops and your government. You can disagree with the politics and policies of the administration, and still support the men and women fighting for you, and the families that support them.

We stand to be unable to pay for the basic things like food, rent, electricity, etc.  Hopefully, it will never come to that, but it is always a possibility.  We are all in limbo right now, and should the shutdown occur, we have no idea how long it will last.  Thousands of families are facing an uncertain future, and a good portion of us ALSO have family members in theater.  Innocent children could suffer, especially those in lower enlisted families.  Is this something we should be cackling about, poking fun at?

Let me tell you something, the military life isn’t easy, from a soldier’s standpoint or the family’s.  We have benefits, yes, but we still earn proportionately below the poverty level.  We have families distanced by half a world a good portion of the time.  We have children who have to adjust to unusual circumstances.  We at home spend a major part of our lives worrying deep in our hearts and souls about our loved ones.  And some don’t ever make it home.  I have lost friends, fellow soldiers.  I have friends who have lost their spouses.  Is this something to cackle about?

I am angry, and I am hurt.  I live my life for the military, and it is as much a part of me as my limbs.  I fight for you, I suffer for you, I live for you.  Haters, take a step back, open your minds, and actually think before spewing hate.


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