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Changes are afoot!

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We are finally moving, something I was beginning to think would never happen.  We have a pack out date with transportation on August 23rd and pick up on the 24th.  We are rolling out for our cross-country road trip on the 29th.  We have been stationed here for 7+ years, since May of 2005.  But the kids and I have been here since October 2004, since Corey reclassed and went to AIT in Arizona.  In the 25 years I have been in and around the Army, I have never lived anywhere for more than a few years until we got here so the nomad itch has been driving me crazy for a few years now.  Weird, though.  This will be the first move that I will have ever done that hasn't been by myself.  That is going to be ridiculously refreshing!  But it will also be the first move that not everyone makes.  We are moving just after Donovan's semester starts and he is maintaining a NY address with my brother for in-state tuition.  So we are going without him, which seems vaguely wrong.

Moving is crazy stressful, especially moving most of the way across the country.  Now that I have kids, I always hate that period of time after moving out of one place and before I get housing at the new duty statiion.  I am technically homeless and it drives me insane with stress.  Added to it, the BAH for Arizona is about $400 less than what it is here at $1125, but the average rents are higher than what we pay here.  That's a little stressful.  Personally I am hoping for housing.  But practically anything will be bigger and better than what we are living in right now.

I am so ready for this move.  The last several years have definitely had their ups and downs.  Too much pain, too much sadness, too much anger.  It is time for a fresh start in a new place, a new life.  I need a change.  Moving is cleansing and I am ready to shed a lot of the things that are dragging me down.  I am completely stifled right now… creatively, spiritually, and emotionally.  I see it in my day to day life, I see it in my writing, and I see it in my lack of spiritual connection.

Personally, I feel like getting my spirituality back in place would help alot with my day to day life and with my creativity.  My friend Renee is on a bit of a spiritual journey right now and it is inspiring.  We have very similar beliefs and I think I need to take a page out of her book.  I need it.

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