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E aloha kekahi i kekahi.
(Love one another.)
Hawaiian proverb

Weekend in the Lady Lair

I buried myself in nothing but relaxation this weekend, feeling like poo and needing a bit of a mental health break.  I spent the weekend lounging in the Lady Lair, watching all eight Harry Potter movies and reading non-school books.  Considering the week I have in store, I am probably going to regret this later, but sometimes you just need to take the break so I did!

The Dawn of Monday

To say that my “to do” list for my classes this week is daunting would be a wee bit of an understatement.  I have a ton of reading to do this week for class, not too mention a rough draft of a paper and a final draft of another.  Someone tell me why I thought going back to school was such a great idea?!  Four classes, all of them upper level and three of them writing intensive.  Apparently, I go big or go home…!  Eep!

But the week has started out well, despite my overwhelming amount of work.  The latest issue of Wild Sister magazine was released today, and I have an article in it!  There is a giveaway on the site for this issue here.  It is also available for purchase for $5 here.  This month’s theme is “Love Thyself” and it is chock full of beautiful things.  I love this magazine and have been reading it since it came out.  I belong to the Wild Sister group as well, so it seemed like a natural step to write an article for them.  I am hoping that I will be able to write more for them soon.

I had a lovely ebook waiting in my inbox this morning from the ever lovely and amazing Dominee of Blessing Manifesting.  It is a free ebook about Valentine’s Day and you get it when you sign up for her newsletter.  It is fabulous!  What I love is that it celebrates love and reminds us all that the most important love can be that of ourselves.  It is a fabulous reminder, too, that Valentine’s Day is just that, a single day.  It isn’t the ruler by which we should measure our own self-worth or our relationships.  Real love, in all its forms, exists in every day.  It isn’t geared to those in relationships, nor is it focused on singles.  Instead it is full of inspiration and fun ideas to not only take the pressure off an overly hyped day, but to turn it into a celebration.  Truly awesome!

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