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Growing Up & the Meaning of Love

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Ty: Mom, I don’t ever want to grow up because I can’t imagine life without you. I would be lonely!!

Why, yes, Ty! You can have ANYTHING you want!

Life Without You

This is from a status I posted on Facebook last night.  Out of nowhere, Ty ran up to me as I was sitting on the couch before dinner, threw his arms around me, and said those words.  I melted, as I always do when a kid says something sweet like that.  I have absolutely no idea what precipitated it, but I will take it when I can get it.  At first, I thought it was just one of those kid moments, but then I realized his eyes were brimming with tears.  What?!  I asked him what was wrong and all he would say is that he loved me “SO much.”  So we hugged, and we cuddled and that was seemingly it.  But it wasn’t.  I have been sleeping in the Lady Lair lately because the hubs has been coughing all night long and I need to get SOME sleep.  Last night, Ty snuggled into me, sneaking his way into my heart and into sleeping in there with me.  I was on my side and he snuggled in tightly behind me, wrapping his little arms around me and squeezing hard.  Within moments, he was resting his cheek on mine and that’s when I realized it was wet.  He was trying valiantly to stop the tears, but failing miserably.  He told me again that he didn’t want to grow up, this time because growing up meant I would die.  It was heartbreaking.  He was just torn apart about it.

I have no idea what brought on this moment of impending mortality.  On one hand, it made my heart cry for the pain he was so obviously in.  On the other hand, it made my heart sing with the strength of his pure love for me.  That is a pretty powerful thing, the sheer amount of love he was feeling for me.  It was humbling.

The Meaning of Love

That’s what love is really about.  The purity, the strength of it.  Without conditions, without expectations.  Just from the heart.  It comes from yourself, from your kids, from your significant other, from your family, from your friends.  But it is true and it is pure.


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