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I can’t count to 300…

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WednesdayI am working on a new design that I am tentatiively calling the Desert Shells Hair Wrap.  Really it is a long, fairly wide scarf-type object that could be used in the traditional way, too!  It is inspired by a couple of things… both good and bad!  On the not so happy side, the recent months of extreme stress have caused some retroactive stress-related hair loss.  I usually part my hair on the right with a zig-zag part and Ithat is just where it seems to be a bit thin.  So we have a plain side part and I am trying to dry my hair and using my InStyler as little as possible to keep the loss to a minimum.  Fortunately for me, I have weirdly thick hair so I can disguise my temporary issue.  Under the silver lining category is the albeit unnecessary chemo I went through a few years back… it turned my straight hair a bit curly when left to air dry.  But the lack of styling has left me wanting to do something with it.  So, here comes my hair wrap, named "Desert" because I now live in southern Arizona and the color I am using to work this up is a sort of peachy pink that reminds me of our sunsets!

It is essentially alternating rows of stitches, forming a two-row repeating stitch pattern.  I initially did it so my rows ran the length of it, but I quickly discovered a problem.  I can't seem to count accurately to 300, no matter how carefully I counted my chain stitches.  After frogging three times, I said the hell with it and changed it to move along the width instead.  It goes a whole lot faster then!!

I am using RedHeart LusterSheen in Flamingo, which is a color I am not even sure they make anymore.  I have a few skeins of it and I love the feel of it. It's a lightweight yarn (weight 2) but, as a hair wrap, I think it will drape well.  I am probably going to try it in a lighter sock yarn too, as well as worsted weight one, too.  It's going to be LONG so it is kind of a slow going project when heape upon motherhood and school work! 

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