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Anniversaries and Army life

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I think that Army marriages should have some kind alternative numbering system.  I wrote a status about our anniversary on Sunday, joking about how rarely we are together for it.  Counting this year, we have been together for exactly one half of our anniversaries.  The balance is starting to tip in our favor! I mapped it out, curious…

  • 2002:  We got married at Fort Lee, VA.  It was one year to the day after our first date!
  • 2003:  Soldier Daddy spent our anniversary in Iraq and Kuwait, while I was in Virginia.
  • 2004:  We were in the same country, but he was at Fort Knox in Kentucky for PLDC, while I was hanging in VA.
  • 2005:  OMG!  We were TOGETHER!
  • 2006:  I was in New York, and he was here at Fort Huachuca in AIT.
  • 2007:  This year, we were together for 10 minutes, literally.  He had been at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama and flew in at 2350!
  • 2008:  Once again, we were together!!
  • 2009:  He was in Afghanistan and I was in New York.
  • 2010:  We were together!!
  • 2011:  He was back in Afghanistan and I was still in NY.
  • 2012-2014:  Holy Amazeballs!  Three in a row!

To be honest, we have been apart so much that the first few years are a little fuzzy so my order may be off, but you get the point!  It is a good thing that we don’t get overly crazy over anniversaries or we’d be in trouble!

Lesson learned… appreciate the time you do have because that is what really matters!

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