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Living the Dream

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I want nothing more than to stay in Hawaii when Corey ‘s time is up in the Army.  This place is my soul home and it would break my heart to leave.  I’ve been doing lots and lots of research, looking for affordable homes in paradise.  And that is not an easy thing to do!  One thing is this island.  Oahu is crazy expensive.  So I’ve been turning my eyes to the Big Island.  The cost of living is much cheaper there and there are a lot of job possibilities for Corey’s expertise.

One of things we’ve been looking at is building our own home.  And I’ve fallen in love with some of them!

These two are both from Big Island Package Homes, both 4-bedroom homes.  More pictures are available from links on the linked pages below.

Model #3039

This one is 1908 square feet of living space and another 1132 of lanai space.  The big one in the second picture is a HUGE selling point!  The full kit is only $75,500, which is both the interior and the exterior building materials and blueprints.



Model #1920

This one has a little more living space, with 1920 square feet and a lot less of lanai space, 402.  But I love the layout and the full package is only $63,100.


There is a place called Bamboo Living that sells some of the most beautiful packages for bamboo houses.  I’m in love!

Villa 2745

This one is a 4-bedroom with 2745 square feet and 656 square feet of lanai space.  This is the one my husband likes, with two bedroom wings.  This one costs between $194,220 and $249,120.

Polynesian 1619

This one is technically a 3-bedroom.  But it has 1344 square feet of living space with another 272 in a loft that could be another bedroom.  There’s also 784 square feet of lanai space.  It runs between $144,795 and $177, 175.  I love it!

Pacific Sanctuary

This one is my favorite!  It’s a 2-bedroom (1293 square feet of living space), but it has a loft with 282 square feet, too.  It has another 873 square feet of lanai space.  This one is between $122, 505 and $155,415.  There’s a virtual tour here of the Pacific 992, which is basically a smaller version of the same thing.

We’ve thought about adding one of the bungalows or 1-bedrooms as an ohana hut/studio, too.

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