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For the love of murder & mayhem

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Maybe “love” is the wrong word. Maybe “obsessed” is better.

Maybe not.

But it’s accurate. I’m obsessed with all things true crime. Between my interest and the fact that I’m a writer, I fully expect either the FBI or the men in white coats to come knocking on my front door any day. My searches had to have triggered something out there. At the very least, I’m in danger of being watchlisted.

I feel like I come it by honestly, though. My dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all lawyers, and a big part of their practice was criminal defense. While I never wanted to follow in their footsteps, I have always been into cases of true crime. I’m not a Reaper Creeper, as my kid calls me. I’m not obsessed by the bad guys/girls like Manson’s groupies. It’s all about the psychology behind it and the pathways that lead people to commit atrocities. Which led me to minor in criminal psychology in college. As a result of my obsession, however, I have a rather insane plethora of killer knowledge… literally.

It was because of my obsession that I started another blog, one dedicated to that fascination of mine. Murder & Mayhem… where I can explore cases well known and not. I want to understand what happened to the bad guys/girls to make them do the things they did. What about their lives might explain how they came to the places in their lives that they did. That’s what I’m obsessed with… the reasons why these people became who they did.

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