4.27.2021 | Tuesday

a lonely realization

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I just looked at some of the other blogs that participated in the Tuesday blog meme I did in my previous post. And one thing was very quickly clear.

I don’t fit in. At all. And that’s a little lonely.

The blogging community I once knew is gone. It’s very different now. Far more conservative and Christian now, which is perfectly fine. But I am neither of those things. I’m extremely liberal in my sociopolitical views, and I haven’t been a practicing Christian since high school. And it is not likely that either of those things are going to change, especially after the last 4+ years. So I guess that leaves me on the outside.

But that’s okay, even if a little lonely. I believe what I believe. I believe in equality for people, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or creed. I don’t believe religion belongs in schools or government, because I believe that to be exclusionary to those who aren’t Christian, which is roughly 35% of the population of the United States as of 2020, according to the Pew Research Center. I believe in the beauty of diversity, especially since roughly 40% of the US is made up of BIPOC. I believe in helping my fellow human. And I believe love is love. Always.

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