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memeing on a friday

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1) Have you ever done something awful to your hair? What happened?

Well, this is a loaded question. I’ve never done anything that was my fault that resulted in horror, although even that is debatable. When I was living in Virginia, I got the worst haircut of my life. The stylist had bundled most of my medium-length hair in a clip on the top of my head, got distracted, took the clip out to hold the bulk of my hair in her hand, and then she cut it off. It was so bad that I still have nightmares of that moment. And the debatable part? I have a ‘hawk, which I love, but others would probably argue about!

2) Conversely, at what time in your life have you looked your best?

I have a lifelong habit of self-degradation, so… I have no answer.

3) Do you have a favorite article of clothing? Tell us what and why.

I have a ice-dyed, island-style dress in shades of ocean colors that I LOVE.

4) Confess the worst fashion trend you ever succumbed to.

I was a teenager in the 80s. What terrible fashion choice didn’t I make?!

5) Are there any clothing/fashion trends today that you simply don’t understand?

Not really. Some I may not like, but trends come and go. It’s the way of it.

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