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Thursday 13: nom noms I want to eat

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One of the things I’ve missed the most during the Coronapocalypse has been our adventures in eating. Oah’u is a mecca of food, fancy or not, and my hubs and I had a regular date to explore new eateries and to revisit our favorites. So here are thirteen on my list for when it’s fully safe again!

in no particular order

1. Palace Saimin

For those that don’t know, saimin is a Hawaiian noodle bowl. It’s made with wheat-egg noodles and a hot dashia Japanese soup stock broth with green onions, kamabokoa thinly sliced fish cake, and shrimp, dumplings, Spam, or pork. It’s found everywhere from high-end restaurants to concession stands and food trucks. It’s eaten for any meal, and it is one of my favorites! I haven’t visited this place, but I’ve heard good things!

2. The Pig and the Lady

This is a Vietnamese spot and their phở is supposed to be amazing. Phở is similar to saimin, but the noodles are rice and the broth is very different. My personal favorite is phở bò, the beef noodle soup.

3. Eggs ‘n Things

This is one of my favorite places, fabulous local breakfasts that are to die for.

4. Cafe Haleiwa

This is on the North Shore, and one of my absolute favorites. All the food is locally sourced and absolutely amazing!

5. Plumeria Beach House

I haven’t been here, but it’s right on the beach in Waikiki. It’s a little more on the high end, but between the atmosphere and the food? Worth it!

6. Hula Grill

We went here when we first moved back here, but I haven’t been back since. But the food is local, and soooo good!

7. Tiki’s Bar & Grill

I’ve only eaten here once, but it was delicious. And the view is AMAZING!

8. Duke’s Waikiki

The food is great and the oceanfront view? Beyond perfect!

9. Killer Tacos

You can not get better tacos on the island than Killer Tacos! I live near this one, and I constantly crave their tacos. Homemade shells, fresh tortillas, onsite salsa and guacomole. SO GOOD!

10. Haleiwa Joes

I’ve eaten at the one near my place, in Haleiwa. And I love it. But next up is the other location in the Haiku Gardens in Kaneohe. The restaurant is open-air, overlooking a tropical garden and a koi pond, right in the Ko’ilau Mountains.

11. Kono’s Restaurant

This place is a local favorite. It’s got a beach/surf/diner vibe to it, with down-to-earh good food. They have some of the most ridiculously good breakfast onos I’ve ever had. It’s a must-have!

12. Plantation Grille/Dole Plantation

This is definitely a stop on the tourist train, but for the food alone, it’s worth it. A lot of island food, and island versions of traditional favorites, like chili with pineapple. And the Dole whip, a pineappley icy treat in a waffle cone!

13. Restaurant 604

My hubby found this place when some guys from work took him there for lunch. The view over the marina is beautiful, and the food is delicious!

So there you have it, my 13 food-mecca stops!

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3 responses to “Thursday 13: nom noms I want to eat

  1. They sound terrific! I didn’t know Dole whip, had to look it up. It sounds pretty good, like a thicker smoothie maybe? For some reason when I read “Dole whip” I expected something made with Cool Whip!
    Plumeria Beach House sounds like a special occasion place, right on the beach gets me!


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