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sunday stealing: days of gratitude

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This week’s questions are stolen from Ned the Duck.

A – Annoyance: rude and disrespectful people

B – Bestest Friend[s]: my hubby

C – Car: 1991 Mazda Miata convertible named Matilda

D – Day or night: Both. I get up early and I have insomnia more often than not!

E- Easiest person to talk to?: I don’t really have anyone in my circle that’s difficult to talk to.

F – Favorite Month: I don’t have a favorite.

G – Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy bears. Here in Hawai’i, it’s the Li Hingpowder made from dried Chinese plums ones. They’re amazing!

H – Hair Color: currently purply red

I – Ice Cream: ube, lavender, or coconut

J – Jewelry: my gauges

K – Kindergarten: Lawrence Avenue Elementary

L – Longest Car Ride: from New York to Arizona when we PCSd from Fort Drum to Fort Huachuca

M – Most missed person: More than one. My parents and grandparents

N – Number of Siblings: 2. My brothers Tripp and Michael

O – One regret: I don’t believe in regrets.

P- Part of your appearance you like least?: My weight

Q- Quote: “In a calm, clear voice, she suggested that the wyrsa in question could do several highly improbable, athletically difficult and possibly biologically impractical things involving its own mother, a few household implements, and a dead fish.” ― Mercedes Lackey, The Silver Gryphon

R – Reality TV Show: The Masked Singer

S – Shoe: Locals flip-flops

T – Time you woke up: 0800

U – Unpredictable?: I can be!

V – Vegetable you hate: Most vegetables. Unless they are in a salad and raw!

W- Worst Habits: I don’t really have a lot of negative habits. Other than personally directed ones like being way too critical of myself.

X – X-Rays: Practically every part of my body at one point or another.

Y – Year you were born: 1970

Z – Zoom: No more than necessary!

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3 responses to “sunday stealing: days of gratitude

  1. My aunt used to have a Miata convertible. When my daughter-in-law was at the salon for a practice run on her hairstyle for the wedding (they had a roaring 20’s wedding and it was a complicated style) no one at the salon could remember how to get finger waves and pin curls to turn out. My aunt had just gotten into town for the wedding and I called to see if she knew since she had been a stylist for years. She did and she rushed to the salon screeching into the parking space right in front in her little Miata. The girls at the salon were blown away. Quote: “That was the coolest shit. When I get old I’m going to drive a Miata and do emergency drive up hair consultations.”
    Hawaii…it must be so lovely there!

  2. I was going to join in, but then this week wasn’t cut and dried questions! I thought, “Kindergarten, what about it?” I blanked out thinking I was supposed to say I went or I didn’t, I approve of it, or I don’t! Plus I felt I’d be mentioning my weight a bit too much! :-D Maybe next time for me.

  3. Bev

    I had ube ice cream at a creamery in San Francisco. I had never heard of it before. Delicious.

    Sorry Lisa and apparently some others had problems with the questions this week. It’s not that they are not questions, just the “question” part of it omitted. Like “what was Kindergarten like” or “do you prefer day or night.” Next time I’ll have to edit.


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