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tuesday 4: an evening out

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1. Do you enjoy an evening out?¬† It’s been a while for most people. Do you have any plans made?

I definitely like the occasional evening out. It’s been over a year, and while I don’t have any plans yet, I definitely have a list of places to go.

2. What kind of activities do you enjoy? A movie, a concert, dinner, plays, walks? Are you in the habit of going out regularly?

Our evenings out involve dinner and then a walk along the beach afterward. Those are my favorite date nights. Sometimes we go to a luau or a dinner cruise. Those are less frequent, but our date nights are fairly regular, at least twice a month. At least pre-COVID.

3. Ever had an unusual or very interesting evening you would like to tell us about or plans that went off the rails?

Nothing that I can think of!

4. When you were dating what kinds of activities did you enjoy ?

Pretty much the same stuff as we do now!

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