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tuesday 4: tell me about yourself

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1. Music. What kind of music do you enjoy? Are you musical?

My musical tastes are as eclectic as my reading tastes. I’m a mood listener, just like I’m a mood reader. One day I could be listening to Metallica, the next Dropkick Murphys. Old-school Naughty by Nature to Shinedown. I grew up musical, too. I played piano, alto sax, and flute. And I sang, too. I still sometimes play my flute.

2. Travel. Where have we been? What’s your favorite destination(s)?

Army vet and Army wife, so I’ve been all over the place. I was born and raised in northern New York, and again as an adult. I’ve also lived in New Jersey, Maryland, South Carolina (twice), Texas, Virginia, California (twice), Arizona, and Hawaii (twice). Germany was beautiful, and I loved Vietnam… the country is beautiful, and the culture rich. Ottawa and Montreal are among my favorite cities, as is London. Hong Kong was a fun experience, too. San Francisco is one of my favorite cities, too. But now I love being here in Hawaii.

3. Occupations. Did you end up working at what you wanted to be? Do you wish you’d done something else, if so, what? etc.

For the most part. I wanted to do something with languages when I was in high school. So I went into the Army and got to go to the Defense Language Insititute in Monterey, CA, arguably the best language school in the world. I went twice, once for Polish and again for Vietnamese. I was an signals intelligence analyst with that. And I wanted to write, which I’m doing now. But there were other jobs along the way, which I didn’t always love!

4. How do you keep from being bored? 

I don’t really get bored. If I start to, I just start doing something else.

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