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wednesday hodgepodge: 424

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1. What’s something that reminds you of your grandmother? Tell us why. 

This rocking chair is in my living room. It was my grandmother’s, which was once in my dad’s nursery. She fed my dad in it, and I’ve sat in it to feed each of my babies. The purse was also hers, and it lives on the chair. I carried it to her funeral, and yes, I still use it. Old lady purse or not. The photo lives in my room on a corner bookcase my husband built me years ago. The shelves hold special books, along with old extended family photos and tidbits from my family. This photo is my grandparents on their wedding day in 1939.

The photo is clickable to see it larger.

2. Is your life currently more ‘moonlight and roses‘ or a little more ‘every rose has it’s thorn’? Elaborate. 

I think life is always a bit of “every rose has it’s thorn.” Nothing is ever perfect. For me, I live where I want to, most of my family around me. I love my job. Life is pretty great in those respects. But there are thorns, of course. My Chiari and disc degeneration are the biggest thorns for me. More rose, than thorn, but there will be thorns!

And now because I will be singing the song all day long… so will you.

3. June 23rd is National Pink Day…favorite thing you own in any shade of pink? Favorite thing found in nature in any shade of pink? Your favorite pink food or beverage? Your favorite shade of pink? 

Favorite thing I own in pink… I own a lot of pink, so that’s hard. I have a cute stuffed pink flamingo that sits on the riser on my desk that I love. Favorite thing found in nature in pink… plumerias or hibiscus. Favorite pink food/beverage… anything raspberry and white zinfandel wine. Favorite shade of pink… all of them, although soft pink would rank low.

4. Last thing that had you ‘tickled pink’? 

All the time. I live with funny people! My son has this insane voice that he uses to narrate (with poetic license) our lives. That tickles me ALL THE TIME!!

5. What are two or three words that describe your style. 

Quirky, anti-ageist, boho.

I’m two months shy of 51. I’m growing out a hawk (for now!) that I’ve had since I was 44. My hair has been virtually every shade of the rainbow. I have 11 tattoos and counting, piercings, and slightly stretched ears. Age is nothing but a number. But I also live on an island, so boho beach is the way to go. Lots of flowy hippie dresses!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

No thought. Just some Pink to go with the pink questions.

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13 responses to “wednesday hodgepodge: 424

  1. I love that you have your grandmother’s chair and purse, those are definitely special pieces. My kids don’t live at home anymore but my youngest son is so funny and always did similar things . It’s great living with funny people isn’t it?! I love “anti-ageist” and I’m stealing that for the future for a word for myself. I think you and I have very similar tastes and style too! I loved reading your answers. :)

  2. I love so many things about your post! I love the chair and purse! I love that y’all laugh a lot at your house — I love to laugh and sometimes I laugh loudly! I also love that you are anti-ageist! I turned 63 last week and I still feel like a girl inside so I’m going with anti-ageist, too!


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