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friday 5: touched by your presents, dear

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1. For what ability do you seem to have a natural gift?

I’m super not great at answering questions like this. It always feels like bragging. Which also explains why I hate the self-marketing aspect of writing novels as a career. But… I would say I have two gifts. Writing and picking up languages.

2. What’s pretty good about the present moment?

I’m on a good flow with my present work-in-progress, a postapocalyptic novel. My family is healthy. And while it took me twenty years to get back, I live in Hawaii where my soul belongs.

3. What nearby, everyday object would be a good symbolic bequest to someone in your life?

To my husband, my KitchenAid stand mixer for our love of baking. My Kindle filled with dystopian novels to my eldest son in recognition of our shared love of them. My nerd collection of World of Warcraft books to my second son for our love of the game lore. My black fan with the white cats on it to son #3 as a thworp recognition of our shared bingeing of Drag Race. My gaming laptop to my youngest son for our shared love of PC gaming, even if we play different stuff. To my brother, our dad’s Yankees watch. To my youngest brother, my NHL stuff. To my nieces, my Doc Marten’s and my skulls/roses platforms, because they shall grow up to be badasses!

4. What recognitions, large or small, have been bestowed upon you?

I’ve gotten Honor Grad a few times in the Army.

5. What was your most recent charitable donation?

I donated clothing to a local charity, and books to a library.

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  1. Oh World of Warcraft I loved you so. I’m trying so hard to rekindle my habit on the Classic servers but everyone is in such a rush to max level that it’s hard to find dungeon groups. Unless you’re a tank which I definitely am not.


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