7.16.2021 | Friday

friday 5: everything in its place

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1. What is the least organized area of your daily life?

Probably my bedroom, but even that isn’t really too bad. I’m a pretty organized person overall.

2. What is the most organized area of your daily life?

My planner. It’s my weapon of choice. I use a dot-grid notebook to track everything… menus, appointments, events, days of note, my work deadlines. EVERYTHING!

3. How well do you handle disruptions of your routines?

I’m fine with it. You can’t be a soldier (which I was for almost 14 years) or a mom of four boys (which I have been for almost 29 years) without being able to roll with it.

4. How do you respond to unexpected blocks of unstructured time?

With glee, a glass of iced tea, and a book!

5. How structured is your time this weekend?

Other than a trip to the commissary tomorrow morning, it isn’t. Although, I’m hoping the weather allows for a trip to the beach.

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