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friday 5: spring session m

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1. What word do you love the sound of?

I love a lot of words, but there are some that make the top of the list. “Ephemeral” and “gossamer” and pretty much any “-ous” word like “luxurious,” “sumptuous,” “vivacious,” etc.

2. What word do you hate the sound of?

I hate the sound of “phlegm” or “sputum” or “splooge.”

3. What word do you always have to look up because you can’t remember how to spell it correctly?

I had to look it up just yesterday: “judgment.”

4. What are some individual words to describe this past week?

creative, productive, reading

5. What’s a word you know that many people don’t?

blatherskite: a person who blathers a lot.

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