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saturday 9: broken-hearted girl

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Saturday 9: Broken-Hearted Girl (2009)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? See the video and watch it below!

It’s been a long time since I heard this song!

1. In this song, Beyonce admits her feelings for a man she doesn’t want to love. Do you believe we can choose who we love? Or does the heart go its own way?

I’ve never believed that we can choose who we love. The heart (or mind) wants what it wants, feels what it feels. Often there is no logic or reason for it, but it’s still there. But I also believe we can choose not to act on that love, or not to even acknowledge that love to ourselves. Denial, too, is a powerful thing, but in some cases, a necessary survival technique.

2. In the video for this song, Beyonce plays with a red rose. Florists report that the most popular colors of roses are: red, white or ivory, yellow, pink, peach or orange, and lavender or purple. Do you have a favorite?

I learned long ago that every rose has its thorn (sorry about the Poison pun!), so I’m not really a rose girl. But if I had to pick, I’d probably go with pink or lavender.

3. The video was filmed in Malibu. Southern California is a popular vacation destination. Have you ever visited there? Have you ever lived there?

I lived in Monterey, CA twice, when I went to the Defense Language Institute. And I’ve visited all up and down the state.

4. When Beyonce was just 12, she appeared on the show Star Search as part of a vocal group called Girls Tyme. The girls lost, but Beyonce said the experience taught her that she wanted to be a performer for the rest of her life. Share a memory from your own junior high years.

Junior high was… an experience. I was at the peak of my awkward stage. Which, of course, meant I had the most ridiculous crush on a guy. And my friends and I were mortifyingly obvious about it. I had a bit of a glow up between junior high and high school, but the sad reality is that I was already slotted as the nerd girl, so most didn’t notice. Years later, I had a second chance with him and we had a bit of a fling. But now, even more years later, I am SUPREMELY glad it went nowhere. He’s an arrogant asshat now.

5. As a girl, she helped her hairstylist mom by sweeping hair at the salon. Do you have a hair appointment coming up?

No, but I need one. The salon on post just inexplicably closed and isn’t coming back. I’ve never seen an Army post without a Stylique salon, but here we are. I know the space is being renovated, but I have no idea if another salon is coming in.

6. In 2009, when this song was popular, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg unsuccessfully tried to buy Twitter. Elon Musk acquired Twitter last month. What social media sites do you spend the most time on?

Not Twitter! Probably a toss up between Facebook and Instagram. As an author, they’re both pretty important for marketing my novels. I used to use Twitter for that, too, and my account is still there, but probably not for long.

7. Also in 2009, Sony sold floppy disks at most retailers. But things change fast in the world of tech and by 2011, Sony quit producing floppy disks altogether. Floppies were replaced by flash drives, which have been replaced by cloud storage services … Do you still have any floppy disks?

Probably somewhere in a box I haven’t opened in years!

8. In 2009, Michael Jackson died. Do you have a favorite Michael Jackson song?

I was never a big MJ fan, but I’d probably say Thriller just because the video is iconic.

9. Random question — We’re having a Saturday 9 potluck lunch! What will you bring?

My husband’s turkey chili and my lasagna!

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5 responses to “saturday 9: broken-hearted girl

  1. Boy, do I identify with your middle school experience. Awkward was the theme and the name of the game…and I had a huge crush on one particular guy. We were friends but it never went any further and I look at him now and thank God for that! I definitely dodged a bullet there!

  2. Bev

    I belong to Twitter. When it was sold, I tried to quit and couldn’t figure out how, so I just deleted it from my feed…now I still get Twitter messages but I can’t read them unless I join again.


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