12.16.2022 | Friday

friday 5: gimme some sugar

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As soon as I saw the title of this week’s questions, this song popped into my head. So let it be the soundtrack of today’s post!


1. How much of a sweet tooth do you have?

It comes and goes. Some days I’m all about the sweet, others not so much. EVERY day, I’m all about the ube. Give it to me in a milkshake, give it to me in an ice cream, give it to me in a cake. I don’t care, I’ll eat it.

2. What sweet dishes do you prefer at breakfast?

I’m gonna have to go to Café Haleiwa for my favorite sweet dishes. Their Hawaiian sweet bread French toast is to die for. And their Coconut Dream Belgian waffles are my favorite. Perfection!

3. What have you recently gotten a sweet deal on?

I got some woodworking tools for the hubs for the holidays, and I got several of them for more the 60% off.

4. What are some good songs with the word “sweet” in the title or lyrics?

Prepare for video overload.

5. What evidence might someone present to prove you are a sweet person?

I think I’ll just let this one go. I don’t know how to answer it!! Plus, I try to be nice, but “sweet” isn’t really my vibe!

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