9.22.2023 | Friday

friday 5: don’t tip the boat over

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1. When did you most recently feel you should be dancing?

Wednesday night. I was listening to old-school, 80s-era rap, and I was feeling the moment!

2. What hot stuff have you recently consumed?

Spicy jambalaya. It was delicious!

3. What kind of side-hustle would be fun to try?

Something creative. I use to design and sew handbags and accessories. Maybe that.

4. What were some of this summer’s good times?

Nothing summery, unfortunately. I spent most of the summer sick. However, I live in Hawai’i, so it’s summer all year. But I did have some fun gaming afternoons and evenings playing World of Warcraft with my husband and second youngest son.

5. What are your plans for Saturday night?

I don’t have any. Just hanging out with the family!

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