10.13.2023 | Friday

friday shenanigans & a meme

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the shenanigans

Yesterday was Man Child #3’s 22nd birthday, and we celebrated by going to get tattoos together. Sometimes I get tattoo envy when I see people with cohesive sleeves of beautiful ink. I have twelve, as of yesterday, and there is absolutely no cohesiveness. But with a single exception, each tattoo carries meaning to me in one way or another. This current one is the emblem of Valdemar, a fictional country that is at the center of Mercedes Lackey’s ongoing Valdemar saga of single books, duologies, trilogies, series, and novellas. It’s a series that I have been reading and rereading since the first book came out in 1987. I’ve never not been reading the series since.

the meme

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capitalizing on opportunity

note: not using capital letters is a struggle…

1. when did you last visit a building where legislation or executive governing take place?

the closest i can think of is a trip to the county courthouse after my father’s passing, as a part of disseminating case files from his law office.

2. what do you carry on your person, in a bag, or in your car, just in case?

  • my wallet with all my cards and id’s
  • a small zip bag with roller ball perfume, a pen, any meds, and lip care
  • hand sanitizer
  • reading glasses
  • a small notebook

3. when did you last lower yourself (physically) through an opening of some kind?

do my pants or a skirt count? if so, this morning. or getting into my mazda miata? it’s tiny; it’s a lowering yourself moment. in that case, yesterday. other than that, i can’t really think of anything. i’m slightly claustrophobic so i don’t really look for such opportunities.

4. how do you feel about the death penalty?

i’ve thought a lot about this particular question. i’ve never been comfortable with the idea of sanctioned murder being somehow okay. and there have been just too many instances of wrongful convictions.

5. which vocalists most impress you with their ability to sing in the upper register?

i have a love for freddie mercury. he hits a high b5 in the song below.

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