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some stealing on sunday

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1. October reading & writing goals and plans

October is my month of spooky reading, both hardcore and less so. I want to finish William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist and move on to the sequel, Legion. I’m also reading a series of loosely connected books by multiple authors that transition from fall to winter reading, so I want to finish the Octobery books this month. But I’m also reading other books, because that’s what I do, and all but one of them is part of a series, so I want to work through them, too.

As for writing… blog-wise, I’ve been a lot better about it, so I want to keep that up. Author-wise, I’m working on my next novel, so I want to keep plugging away at that.

2. Something I did that totally paid off

I had a dream about the book I’m writing, woke up in the middle of the night with inspiration, and made note of it in my phone. In the morning, I changed the plot trajectory, and I think it’s going to make for a better story.

3. I want to see this make a comeback

Open-mindedness, a time of less hate, bias, and bigotry. I feel like that’s a pretty rose-colored-glasses answer, and also perhaps a fallacy. I’m not sure there’s really a time to go back to where those things existed.

4. Generational traits I really value

I’m a feral Gen X child. There’s a true attitude of “f*&k around and find out,” a rebelliousness, that I fully embrace. I also value the spirit of independence and free-thinking that comes with being a feral child.

5. Changes I’d like to see in my daily environment

See #4. I’m so effing tired of watching the hate levied against women, against POC, against LGBTQIA+ people. It’s ridiculous.

6. Favorite soup dishes

Not in any particular order…

  • phở bò: beef phở
  • char sui ramen with udon noodles
  • new england clam chowder
  • hubby’s chili

7. Start with the best part, or save the best for last

Save the best for last. I like having the motivation.

8. The most chaotic part of my daily life

Any time I’m awake. Kidding… no, really. The chaos comes and goes, and it always changes.

9. If I could only eat 10 things, I’d pick

phở bò, char sui ramen, carne asada chimichangas, spicy ahi tuna bowls, ahi poke, loco moco, lasagna, gyros, chocolate, tuna salad with sunflower seeds and celery

10. What Autumn feels like where I live

80s, warm, sunny, breezy

11. The teacher who would be most proud of me

Mrs. Opdyke. She was my French and Latin teacher in high school. She inspired me to become a linguist, gave me my love of languages.

12. My go to Halloween snacks & treats 

Pumpkin bread/cookies/muffins

13. 10 ways my life is great right now

Big things and small: my family, my cat, my dog, my books, my kindle, the beach, my car, my new tattoo, my job, the hubby’s job

Honorable Mention: Hockey season is back. Go, New York Rangers!

14. A perfect day indoors looks like…

Books, coffee, a great movie, games with the family

15. Pumpkin spice…

I’m a basic b%tch. I love my pumpkin spice.

three things… I’ve done today

  1. Watched Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers while I did the husband’s ironing.
  2. Meal-planned for the first half of the week.
  3. Yoga


  1. reading:  
    • The Witch’s Heart by Genevieve Gornichec
    • The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty
    • Storm Breaking by Mercedes Lackey
    • Freaky Witches by Amanda M. Lee
    • A Pumpkin and a Patch by Jennifer Peel
  2. listening Episode 4 of the Agent of Betrayal podcast: about Robert Hanssen, an FBI agent-turned-Soviet spy
  3. writing: this post
  4. loving: my family
  5. making: nothing at the moment

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