1.6.2009 | Tuesday

A temper fit of historical proportions!

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I have no idea who or what Ty was channeling last night, but he was a little demon last night. Holy S*&T! Dinner set him off, since he seems to be morally opposed to eating anything for dinner other than bean and cheese burritos. I love a good burrito, but damn, child, branch out. I had made a pork roast for dinner, and it smelled GOOD! Apparently, he did not agree because he acted like I had presented him with a plate of fried elephant poo. Since I rarely fry or feed my children the poo of any species, I think his reaction was a bit dramatic. I think I repeated the word EAT (imagine this in a drill sergeant voice) about 50 billion times, give or take a billion, to no avail. Unless, of course, you count a whine as a response. I don’t. Finally, after 45 minutes of fighting, I took the child and his plate and escorted him to a new eating place where he could not be distracted by siblings or the TV. He flat out refused to take a single bite. So I finally stabbed a forkful and fed it to him. He sat there with it on his tongue with his mouth hanging open, acting like I was trying to kill him. I tried to get him to chew and swallow and he was crying so hard and having such a fit that I ended up with most of it on my face when he coughed. Lovely. This continued tow or three times more, much to my complete joy. Finally I gave up and he ended up in bed, 2 hours early. An hour later, he sheepishly came out,… hungry. Of course, he wanted a burrito, so he go chicken nuggets.

The carrying on that that child did amazed me. I had no idea he was capable of it,… and I wish I was still ignorant of it! :(

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4 responses to “A temper fit of historical proportions!

  1. Ty and Ethan were channeling each other. I made chili, and Madi, who never eats anything, inhaled it (literally, :lol:, it was gone in MINUTES). Ethan? Nope, he piddlefarted and played around. Finally, bed time, and he’s like “I’m hungry”. Josh said, “too bad” and sent him to bed. After 30 minutes of screaming and hollering, Josh gave him a hamburger bun, :lol:. He stopped carrying on and ate the bun, and ate breakfast this morning with nary a problem.


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