1.7.2009 | Wednesday

Bad timing = no sleep for the Mama

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If there was ever a morning when the Mama could have used some extra sleep, it was this morning!  Corey called me at about 0415 to tell me he was finally boarding the plane for Afghanistan and it was impossible to fall asleep again,… until it was almost time for the alarm to go off at 0515!  Very helpful.  I knew the wearher was supposed to be bad today (in Northern NY, that is code for snow, snow, and more snow!!) so before even attempting to stick a toe out of my nice cozy bed, I checked the local news for school delays and closings.  Not a thing for our school.  Of course.  So up I got and headed to the shower.  When it came time to wake up Ka’lani, Scott, and Ty, I checked again.  Of course, NOW school is delayed.  Now that I am awake and showered and have wet hair.  Fabby.  But at least I can have my first cup of blood of-life coffee in relative peace and quiet.  Thank all that is holy for coffee makers with timers.  Escpecially when the timer is on and has made you your coffee.  Except, true to the path my day was taking, it wasn’t on and no coffee was ready.  Of course.  But it was a situation soon remedied.

2 hours later and it was time to start getting kids up since school was delayed.  The aforementioned three got up and did their thing.  When they were done, I once again checked the TV before waking Donovan.  Still just delayed.  I woke the child up, a process in and of itself, and headed  back to the living room and to my cup of blood coffee.  And what do I discover?  Yes, now that I have all 4 of them awake,… school is closed.  Lovely.

That should be enough, but of course it isn’t.  I realized that I have not a damn thing in the house to feed them for lunch, since normally they are at school.  The weather sucks and is only going to get worse, so I mustered up the energy and went.  It was too early, too snowy, and too cold for this crap.  I only live about 1/2 mile from the store but I had to drive in 4WD most of the way.  So, I am home now, and thoroughly appreciating my coffee and its ambient warmth!

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3 responses to “Bad timing = no sleep for the Mama

  1. LOL! Kiki I know its not funny at all, but the picture I have in my head is hillarious.. I have to admit I was chuckling all the way through that post…

    The bad and there were many but the good side you dont have to go and pick up the kids and the coffee is in abundance..

    I hope you day does improve, I am sure it will..

    Thank you for sharing…. :lol:

  2. Wow!! You’ve been through a lot the past few weeks. Thankfully you had coffee and even though you were awake too early and it was way too cold you got to spend the day with your men. I sure hope the last part of your week goes smoother!


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