1.10.2009 | Saturday

Party Central

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My foyer smells like a bar.
I am usually pretty laid back when it comes to neighbors.  In an apartment building like this, you are practically on top of one another so it pays to get along.  But last night was too much even for me.  They are an Army family, too, young with 3 small children.  Their place has become party central and they party just about every weekend.  Usually I don’t hear too much, at least now that it is winter.  But last night was ridiculous.  It sounded like an entire crowd of people and it was loud as hell.  There was yelling and screaming and doors slamming until all hours.  At midnight, I had to run to the school to pick up Donovan when he got back from his track meet, only to discover that I was pretty much blocked in.  Thank goodness for 4WD because that and a 900-point turn were what got me out.  This morning when I got up, my entire living room and kitchen smelled like spilled beer and smoke.  When I ran to the store a couple hours later, I realized why.  The common foyer smelled disgusting, and still does.  I have been burning incense nonstop ever since.  Yick!

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