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Testosterone Quartet vs. The Mama, plus Obamaness

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And I think I am losing,…!
Being a mother of 4 boys ain’t all sunshine and flowers.  :deadrose:   There really should be some kind of hazardous duty pay associated with motherhood.  Because I deserve it.  They are hazardous to my mental health.  Sometimes I read “mom” blogs and occasionally run across one that makes me wonder just what kind of happy drugs the blogger is taking.  Because motherhood is not nearly as happy, happy, joy, joy as that.  Clearly there is some escape from reality going on there.  :hypnotized:   And I want some of whatever it is they are taking!


What is it about being a SAHM that tends to make the rest of the family underappreciate you?  It particularly irritates me when they treat me like I am no even there, but yet I am the first person they come to for help.  :doh:   There is no appreciation for what you do for them and no appreciation for the fact that you are a person above and beyond being a mom and a wife.  It’s frustrating and I am at my wit’s end.  I have talked, I have yelled and I have cried, and it is all to seemingly no avail.  Just because I am a SAHM doesn’t mean that I exist solely to serve.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have a life of my own.  My staying at home doesn’t mean that no one has to do anything for themselves or around the house.  My staying at home isn’t an excuse for the rest of the family to be lazy and self-absorbed.  I really don’t like the fact that the thought of pitching in doesn’t even occur to them.  I can’t even get them to remember to do the things I tell them, much less to take the initiative to do something of their own accord.  I guess I just find the whole thing to be VERY disrespectful.  :pissedoff:


I read something yesterday about the coming inauguration that really struck me as a good thing.  This one will be funded solely by donations from supporters, with no support from lobbyists or big business.  There is a bit about it on his site HERE.  That really impressed me.  I also respect Michele Obama for the way she carries herself and her refusal to buy into the hype of being a First Lady.  I like the fact that she does all of her public appearances in off the rack clothes, clothes that are affordable by just about anyone.  And she is proud of that.  In the face of the economy as it is right now, I really like that.  It shows respect and understanding and an unwillingness to take on “airs”.  :flagus:

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