2.20.2009 | Friday

Yee haw!!

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My new living room couches are here!!  I had a three-piece (a couch, loveseat, and chaise) set of ivory microsuede that I had LOVED.  When we left Fort Lee, the movers wrapped it all in plastic instead of the paper that is supposed to be used on microsuede.  Our stuff was in storage while Corey was in Arizona until we got orders here to Fort Drum.  Being that long in storage caused massive amounts of condensation within the plastic, ruining the surface of the microsuede.  It made it hard as a rock and the furniture was black with mold and mildew, which was most definately NOT a good thing since I am deathly allergic to both mold and mildew!  It was a pain in the ass to get clean and liveable for me.  My new ones are also microsuede called the Sha Shou, HERE, which I love because it is VERY easy to keep clean, a good thing with 4 boys in the house!  These are black with attached back cushions, very cushy.  I LOVE the way the seat cushions are made, with a big strip of industrial Velcro that holds them in place!  So much more space in the room now, LOVE it!  We also got Donovan’s new bed, which is actually a futon style couch, a flip flop.  It is in a red called Salsa, his favorite color.  I like the fact that the back is adjustable in a bunch of different positions from reclined to completely upright in the couch position.  Very cool, especially for a teen’s room!  There is a picture of his bed, called the Reaction,  HERE!  I also found a picture of the desk I bought, HERE.

Now I am in the market for some nice Asian fabrics so I can make some coordinating throw pillows and valances/curtains for the room.  One of the walls is almost entirely windows so it is a LOT of light, even with the shades pulled, glaring on the TV and monitor.  I found some gorgeous Asian wall hangings that are on my list, too.

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