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A sad week,…

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I guess I haveen’t really been in the mood for blogging much lately.  Last week was a really hard week for me and I guess I wasn’t ready to blog about it.  I found early in the week that the younger sister of a friend from my school days died, a girl I knew.  She died a week ago this past Sunday, just days after giving birth to her new son.  She was only 29 when she died, a married mom of her 5yo daughter and newborn son.  She belonged to my dad’s church, a very close-knit group, and she was the art teacher at the local high school.  She was a truly beloved person in the community and one of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Apparently, she died of an extremely rare post-natal complication, some form of paralysis that is apparently very hard to diagnose.  Long story short, in the end there was nothing that could be done for her and she passed away.  My heart broke for her, her husband, her children, her family, her church, and her students.  There is a story about Katya HERE.

Some of you may remember me writing about the blog of a woman named Lisa, Clusterfook.  She was a three-time cancer survivor that wrote about it with great candor, honesty, and humor.  When the cancer came back and it was determined that the treatment was no longer working, she wrote about the decision to go the hospice route to enjoy the time she had left with her family to the fullest.  I am sad to say that Lisa passed away just before midnight Friday night.  On one hand, I am glad her pain and her suffering are over for her, but I feel for her husband and her daughters.

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  1. Katya was a sweet person and will be terribly missed in the Arts community here. Things have been very somber over at the Arts Council due to her loss and some other sad news we recently got. I am furious about her passing. My friends, who are very close with her family, told me that the initial problem was misdiagnosed strep A infection that could have been easily treated upon her FIRST visit to the ER if anyone had been paying attention to her symptoms – like a fever and abdominal pain. New information may have come to light since I last spoke with them, but that was the understanding last Thursday night.

    I don’t know why our community is so Frickin’ complacent about the shoddy medical care we get in Potsdam and I’d better stop now and do some deep breathing before I launch into a full blown politically charged rant on your blog.


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