3.6.2009 | Friday

There are dwarves mining in my skull.

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The migraine from hell is upon me.
I feel like there is a clan of dwarves mining for something in my skull.  This is far less colorful than my usual phrase describing the state of my pain, which is that I feel like I have been skull-f&%ked by a herd of elephants.  Not just one elephant, a herd.  I am truly hoping that my trusty Advil Liqui-Gels kick in quickly!!  :hammer:

My husband is the sh*t!
But in a good way, really!  A few weeks ago, I found a lump in my breast, a rather large one.  Given my history, I was on that like white on rice!  As it turned out, it was benign, just huge and painful, although not to the point of skull-f&%king elephants.  But I still had to have it removed, scheduled originally for Wednesday.  As it turned out , I was rescheduled to Tuesday, went in, did the deed and rocked on with life,… in a comfortable bra!  My hubs, though I love him dearly, is not known for his memory skills, regardless of the importance of the thing to be remembered.  So, imagine my surprise when he called me yesterday to check on me!  Of course, he didn’t know I had been rescheduled so all his good thoughts and healing vibes were sent a day late, but the fact that he actually remembered almost brought a tear to my eye.  Gotta love the guy sometimes!!  :heart:

College interviews ALREADY?!!
That would be Donovan.  We had his interview for The Clarkson School yesterday.  He is in the process of applying to the school and had the interview and campus tour yesterday morning.  It is a sort of prep school-style program that allows you to basically combine your senior year of high school with your freshman year of college.  It also allows you automatic admission to Clarkson University itself without having to reapply.  Depending on the financial aid package chosen, some students actually do their high school coursework at the same time, earning a regular diploma.  If federal aid is chosen, however, the student must be fully collegiate to quailfy for the aid, so the student has to GED.  I keep trying to tell him that even if he gets in, whether or not he goes is going to depend on the amount of financial aid he will get.  The school is $41,950, not counting books or living expenses for the first year.  After that, it is over $30,000 a year.  That is steep for an Army family, to the point of undoable without extreme financial aid.  So, to give him an idea of the differences in cost, I pulled up the tuitions and fees for a couple of other schools.  SUNY Albany, is about $19,000 per year, books included.  SUNY Potsdam, where my mom went, is about $15,000 a year, not including books.  And both of the latter two schools have more of what he wants to major in.  I think to many kinds are drawn in by the fancy brochures they get in the mail, and they forget about the reality of the situation.  Getting a good education is great, but if the money isn’t there, you have to deal with that.  It is expensive, insanely expensive.  But it is the reality.  And frankly, you can often get just as good an education at a state school.  It isn’t settling to go to a state school.

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2 responses to “There are dwarves mining in my skull.

  1. #1 – are the dwarves at least singing something interesting as they mine in your skull?

    #2 – I’m so glad your lump was benign. I’ve been there with a cyst before and it is scary. :)

    #3 – Clarkson school is really excellent – let’s hope he gets a good package. The one thing that you get from a school like Clarkson or SLU that you don’t get from a SUNY school is a pass into the “Good Old Boys” club. It’s disgusting but it is real – when you graduate a school like that there are others (other alum, profs, etc..) out there who will network and lobby for you for great jobs. Finish at a SUNY school and you get dumped to sink or swim on your own.


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