3.11.2009 | Wednesday

My aching head,…

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For the second day in a row, the walls have been shaking in my little apartment.  And not in a good way!  My upstairs neighbors have apparently forgotten that people live below them and that, crazy as it sounds, I MIGHT want to both actually be able to hear the TV no more than 8′ away AND to do it without having the dwarves come mining in my skull again.  These aparments can have thin floors/ceilings and, living on the first floor, I expect a certain amount of noise.  In fact, I am pretty laid back about it, even when it gets a little much.  But this is freakin’ ridiculous.  We aren’t talking about the everyday sounds of living in your space; I am talking about the volume of music and the accompanying bass at 0730 in the morning and going just about ALL DAY LONG.  It is so bad that I can barely hear someone on the phone in any room but the bathroom.  I went upstairs not just once, but twice yesterday and knocked on the door and it was loud enough that she didn’t hear it.  I may lose whatever little sanity I have left!

Weekends are even worse around here.  My next door neighbor’s husband has all of his single soldier friends over every weekend, usually both Friday and Saturday nights, and the partying gets crazy.  They stand in the common foyer (which amplifies EVERYTHING) and smoke and drink and yell from early evening to the early morning hours.  As it is, one of their drunk guests keyed my truck and puked all over it one fine evening.  It got so bad last Friday night that someone called the cops on them in the middle of the night. 

I am pretty understanding about noise and parties and all that, but there is a point at which it becomes completely disrespectful for the families that live nearby.  And all these families have small children which makes me wonder how they ever get them to sleep.  I am getting pretty sick of it, and it has to be bad for me to get to that point.  They ought to count their blessings that Corey isn’t here, because understanding and tact are not the character traits he is most known for!

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2 responses to “My aching head,…

  1. That is one thing i dont miss about apartment living. i am sorry they are doing this …. complain to the manager …. call the cops … you shouldnt have to live like that !

  2. We MUST be living in a parallel universe right now. I’m going through the EXACT same thing. These people are just RIDICULOUS! Thankfully, they’re being evicted within the next 30 days . . . HALLELUJAH!! Now only if I can make it through now & then. Good luck with yours.


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