3.10.2009 | Tuesday

My idiocy continues!

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I think I must be an idiot.  That probably won’t come as much of a surprise to my readers;  it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise to my kids!!  But if there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that it rarely pays to try to be nice or helpful.  So, knowing this, why do I continue to try, knowing the result usually doesn’t bode well for The Mama?!  It is not like I am out there on the corner, helping blue-haired old ladies across the street, although, considering my foot issues, they should probably be helping ME!  I am talking about people who come to me for help with something that I might have more familiarity with than they do, hence why they come to me in the first place!  And it generally goes one of three ways. 

  • First, they get mad at me because I can’t solve the issue for them and can only offer them guidance.  Well, sometimes there are things I just can’t do for someone, even if I know how to.  Sometimes I just have too much to do or it is something that needs them to be accomplished. 
  • Second, what they get from me was not the answer they wanted.  Well, I am not going to blow sunshine up someone’s butt.  Sometimes what you want to hear isn’t always going to be what helps! 
  • Third, they argue with me.  Why are you going to come to me for help with something you don’t know much about, and then argue with me incessantly about it?!  If you know so much, why do you need me?!  It generally goes right back to not liking what you hear or get from me because it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. 

I guess what really annoys me is that these people seem to think that they are somehow above it all and that the same rules don’t apply to them, which leads to one issue after another and it gets old sometimes.  I am the first person to help someone when they need it, but at some point, you just have to take some personal responsibility.  It is one thing to help someone out who truly needs the help; I have NO problem with that at all.  But when someone just expects you to deal with all for them with no effort, appreciation, or responsibility on their part, THAT is a completely different story.  Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting.

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