4.8.2009 | Wednesday

A fantastic start to my day!

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Of course, any day I have to get up at 0530 already has at least one strike against it.  But it isn’t even 0800 yet and already I am looking at 3 strikes.  Not a good start!  I had to drive Donovan to school today so he could meet his science fair team to work on their project before school.  Not a problem.  Getting home was!  It snowed off and on again yesterday, never really sticking.  Apparently, it snowed during the night because that is all you could see this morning.  Because of the constant freeze and melt yesterday, the roads were SLIPPERY!!  After I dropped him off, I got gas and headed home with thoughts of hot coffee filling my head.  As I started to brake to turn off the side street onto the street that my complex is on, I realized I wasn’t stopping.  I was heading straight towards a steep ditch and the front yard and driveway of the opposite house, with not a lot of wiggle room.  Lovely!  I managed to forcibly fishtail my truck just enough to dring my front end around and barely missed the back end going into the ditch.  Phew!  Heart racing, I drove the last 20 feet to the turn off into my complex and made it home with no more mishaps.  I parked the car, grabbed my purse & my coffee and stepped out,…. only to slide on the ice.  I slipped all over, scrambling to not fall or drop my coffee and managed to slam my head into the door frame in the process.  HOLY CRAP!!!  It hurt like you would not believe!  But I did manage to save my coffee, far more important than the pulled muscle I now have in my back!  :(

So I think I am just going to wrap myself in bubble wrap and call it a day!

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