4.24.2009 | Friday

Kid Tales & pretty in pics!

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Spring Concert Fun
Last night, Scott and Ty had their annual Spring Concert, which I always love!  So they got dressed to the nines for it and they looked WONDERFUL, but, of course, I may be biased!  The pics below are clickable to see full size!

I took a bunch of Ty during his part of the concert, but didn’t realize until it was too late that the camera was on the wrong setting so the pictures pretty much suck! He was too funny up there, though. He doesn’t like to sing out loud in public because he is self conscious about his speech, so he lip syncs and does the movements instead. And he was boogying down up there to the music. After every one, he did the Richard Nixon peace sign thing for some reason known only to him! We were sitting right in front of Ka’lani’s teacher, whose daughter was standing next to Ty on stage, and she giggled throughout their part because of Ty and his antics. It was too funny! Here are some pics, also clickable!

I also got some of Scott during his part, too. They did some dances to some of the songs, which was really cute. He was having a hell of a good time up there doing his thing. They also did a dramatic reading and he got a solo, hence the pic with the hat!

All in all, the evening was a success,… until we got home!

Evening Drama
No sooner did we pull into the driveway, and my neighbor Crystal came running out with a washcloth clutched to her head.  Apparently, she had been playing with her 7 week old puppy and the puppy’s tooth caught her ear lobe in the earring hole and tore her ear.  ICK!  Poor Crystal was bleeding up a storm and their truck is broken, so I took her to the ER to get it fixed.  It was fairly deep but they don’t like to stitch animal bites because of infection, so they cleaned it (OUCH!!), put butterfly strips on it and doped her with antibiotics.  I got home, and not 2 hours later, I heard Ty in bed, coughing like he was dying.  I don’t know what happened there, because he had been perfectly fine when he went to bed, but he sounded really bronchial and croupy.  He was coughing so hard that he was losing breath,  I ended up putting him in bed with me, and he slept most of the night practically sitting upright.  He coughed all night long, which means Mama got no sleep!  He is still in my bed, not even feeling like getting up and eating.  Poor little guy.

Wishing Donovan luck!
Today is the Sustainable Energy science fair at SUNY Canton and Donovan and three of his friends entered a project for the competition.  They built a windmill, and did a big PowerPoint presentation for it.  I was supposed to go today, but can’t now because of sick boy.  :-P   So he headed off with my camera and I hope they do well.  These kids have worked HARD on it and the whole thing was right up Donovan’s alley, with all his interest in living green.  He even dressed for the part in earthy colors, and yes, it was a conscious choice on his part!

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