5.11.2009 | Monday

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures!

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A Night in Paris!
It rained ALL day Saturday, in a big way, but thankfully it cleared up in time for the obligatory pictures!!  Donovan looked great in his tux and his date was beautiful!  I borrowed my dad’s car for the event and acted as chauffeur.  I admit, I saw all those girls in pretty dresses and it made ME want to go to the prom! But, alas, I am the mom, now! So on to the pictures, all of which are clickable for a full-size view!

The first two are the digital version of a full length mirror! We don’t have one so when he tried it on Friday night, we took pictures instead! Like the barefoot look?! And the cheesy smile?!

The full-length view!The side view, complete with cheesy smile!

Then we have the pre-prom, before picking up the date photo session!

The tux, Part I!The Tux, Part II!The next big tux model?!The prom stud!

And then the obligatory pre-prom, with the date pics!!

Donovan & Michelle, Part I!Donovan & Michelle, Part II!

And then, of course, the during the prom pics!


Donovan & KatieDonovan & RobinDonovan & AshleyDonovan & MichelleDonovan, Ashley, & DanDonovan & AmandaDonovan & AmandaDonovan & MariahDonovan & JennOlivia, Donovan, & ErinAmy, Donovan, & MariahAmy, Donovan, & MariahMichelleDonovan & MichelleRinnan & TalonDonovan & BeccaDonovan & BeccaDonovan & DanielleDanielle & AmyMichelleDonovan & SarahDan & AshleyDonovan & OliviaDonovan & OliviaDonovan & OliviaDonovan & OliviaDan Donovan & OliviaOliviaCatie & DonovanErin & DonovanNate, Erin, Olivia, & DonovanMichelle & DonovanKate & DonovanMichelle & DonovanAlison & Donovan

Mother’s Day
The kids and I went to my mom’s for a YUMMY Mother’s Day dinner of London broil and yummy sausage.  We hung out there for awhile, just chatting, which was really nice.  Then it was off to my dad’s to return the car and have a little Mother’s Day pizza.  Corey called me in the evening to wish me a happy Mother’s Day, too, which was nice, considering he had been rocketed that morning!  Here are some random pics of the day, all clickable!

Donovan, driving Grandpa's carAuntie Kim & KaiBaby Kai

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