5.8.2009 | Friday

One of those days,…

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Most of the time, I am okay with being on my own without Corey.  I should be used to it, since he is gone as much as he is!  No, it probably isn’t ideal, but I guess you get used to it after awhile.  And in the last 5½ years. he has been gone more than he has been here.  I suppose dealing with is helped by the fact that I was a soldier once myself, so I don’t just have to accept the lifestyle, I totally understand it.  But sometimes it still gets to me.

I just can’t seem to get out of this emotional rut I am.  I am usually a pretty upbeat person but I just can’t seem to get there much anymore.  Sometimes I wonder if I am ever going to get out of it and be like that again.  The last several years have been rough on me, with one thing after another happening.  And the last one has been one of the hardest, with not only my grandmother dying, but several other people, too.  I guess it is just taking a toll on me.  And so much has happened lately that has just sort of made me feel completely blah.

But I do think my faith in humanity has bee restored,… at least a little bit.  As I was driving to Canton this morning to pick up Donovan’s tux, I noticed that the brakelight light piece that goes along the top of my truck in the back could be seen through my rear window,…NOT something I should be able to see!  Afraid that the wind would pull it off, I turned off the highway and found the one and only car repair place in Richville, a town with approximately 2 roads. As it turned out, the owner and head mechanic was a woman, a fact which I LOVED!  Anyway, the bonds that had held the piece to my truck frame had busted and they had to remove the whole piece because there was no way to hold it to the frame, even in the short term.  And that turned out to be a complete pain in the ass that took almost 45 minutes.  But they got it off, safely stowed the piece in my truck, and told me what I needed to get it fixed when I got back to my town.  The restoring my faith part comes in when I asked what I owed for their time and trouble.  The answer?  Nothing!  Tammy, the owner, and I had talked about being a woman in male-dominated fields and apparently we bonded!  So with a sendoff of luck to Corey in Afghanistan and a fist pound to girl power, I continued on to Canton.  The kindness and generosity from a total stranger was really nice!

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